The pharmaceutical company Dalyn has, in accordance with its mission of improvement of life quality and developing the highest quality drugs and Skin products, and by observing the highest international standards which guarantee the quality of products and environmental protection, enriched its pharmaceutical range of OTC products (drugs issued without a medical prescription) by a modern medicinal preparation with the proprietary name Skincol®

Medical device class iib

Advance wound product
It is a completely unique product on the market, of top-quality and exceptional efficiency, which is intended for the local treatment of leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, decubitus ulcer, as well as for rapid and efficient healing of skin impairments such as scratches, cuts and other uninfected wounds, burns and skin cracks. Skincol® is a medical device product whose mechanism of action is based on physical properties of sucralfate, an active ingredient of this product. In contact with the damaged skin, sucralfate forms a protective barrier covering the damaged area of the skin. It is known that sucralfate, in the form of tablets and suspension, has been administered for decades in the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers. In these pharmaceutical forms, sucralfate lines stomach and duodenal mucosas by forming a protective covering epithelium on the surface of damaged tissue. As compared to the stated, traditional forms of sucralfates, Skincol® cream has a much greater capacity of adhering to damaged skin epithelium and its action is not dependent on the degree of skin acidity, i.e. pH value of the skin.

Skincol®, being a special, highly efficient formulation in the form of cream and spray, enables a prolonged contact with the damaged skin and a long-lasting effect. Efficient renewal of the damaged skin and efficient healing of uninfected wounds of different origin have been proven by clinical studies. As a unique product on the market, Skincol® offers to doctors a number of advantages in the treatment and curing of different skin impairments in patients, such as exceptional speed and efficiency of damaged skin's renewal. One of the advantages is also improved quality for patients who by simple application as a part of self treatment, can achieve excellent results in terms of a complete renewal of damaged skin and significantly lesser possibility of scar occurrence which even in slight skin impairments such as scratches, cuts etc, represent an esthetic problem which everyone wants to get rid of as soon as possible.

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